Fibre Music

Nice and Lovely Music

OVERVIEW ABOUT fibre music

Fibre Music is a young record label presently based in Lagos state Nigeria, where we engage in general entertainment business. We believe in creativity and also believe in following the entertainment trend. Though we are young in the industry, but we have capable hands in regards to song writing, production, management, artist scout, artist grooming etc.

We in Fibre Music have it in our plans to sign artists, engage in promotion, organize shows and concerts, produce quality music etc. Our basic standards are creativity and quality sound. We follow the entertainment trend with our basic standards in mind.

FML has sworn to uphold integrity and loyalty, and will never compromise the love, support and encouragement from our fans all over the world. We will do our best to support and partner with organizations around the globe that are working towards meaningful positive change and social responsibility.

“Nice and Lovely Music” which is our slogan is what we promise to bring to you because that is what you deserve. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!